Temitayo Deborah Oyedotun

DOI: 10.26480/ess.01.2022.14.20

In a virtual learning environment enforced by the pandemic, assessments are equally administered online using the technology tools available on the different learning management systems (LMS). Assessment is pivotal in the learning process and the many benefits of online quizzes according to research, show that it inspires, motivates active learning and thinking, and enhances better performance and feedback compared to the dated pen and paper form of assessment. In the light of this, this study examines students’ perspectives on Online quizzing and tries to understand the impacts of such form on their performances. A quantitative approach was employed, and it is interesting to note that of the 127 students of the University of Guyana that responded to the survey shared via Google Forms, students’ perspectives towards online quizzing are generally positive and the majority prefer online quizzing to paper-based assessment. Respondents noted that online quizzing measures evaluation appropriately as most of them have recorded positive impacts on their performances. Students noted that they get assistance online which implies cheating is unavoidable. The findings also show that the Multiple choice (MC) form of quizzing online is mostly preferred by students compared to other forms. In literature, there are lots of claims against the MC questions. One such is that they evaluate low thinking capabilities and thus, all forms of assessment should be used in an online examination to achieve better learning outcomes. The findings gathered prompted lots of educational discussions juxtaposed by claims and secondary supports. Recommendations were made with the emphasis on the availability of better internet, critically prepared MC questions and other assessments, provision of sufficient time while quizzing online, and proctored online tools usage. In conclusion, the evidence in the research proves that Online quizzing is beneficial in 21st-century learning; however, more needs to be done for the betterment of educational advancement.

Assessments, Attitudes, Higher Education, Performances, Online Environment


12 June 2018
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