Muhammad Tahajjudi Ghifary, Suryanto

DOI: 10.26480/ess.01.2022.05.09

Background – Changes behavior during a pandemic make the world have to adapt. This condition also occurs in the world of education, where many new habits and procedures are carried out. so the role of leaders is needed in getting through this period. Transformational leadership feels very appropriate in this time of uncertainty and many adaptations. Transformational leadership requires the figure of a leader who is able to show special skills that focus on reform and justice. Purpose – This article aims to understand transformational leadership in the focus of education especially during the pandemic. The world of education must know the right formulation to get through this pandemic so that the next generation of the nation continues to have the opportunity to build their dreams. Design/methodology/approach – This research is a descriptive research with a case study approach. where data is collected based on research observations and in-depth literature studies. Findings – Transformational leadership becomes a bridge between existing theories so it is a valuable asset. Given the diverse needs of individuals, transformational leadership must offer more comprehensive conditions. Research limitations– This research is limited to literature review, so it needs to be developed with more specific research methods and objects so that the results obtained are also more accurate. The selection of research variables can also be redeveloped because there are still many types of leadership in the organization. In addition to leadership, there are also many factors that make up an organization so that further researchers can choose other variables to study. Originality/value – There is not much research on pandemics in the world of education, let alone discussing the role of the leader of an educational institution. With this research, the public knows that the role of the leader of educational institutions is very important in directing their organization to get through this pandemic crisis. how to deal with multicultural challenges, behavior, readiness and achievement demands of school residents in addition to innovating to face the pandemic.

Pandemic, transformational leadership, globalization, behavior, achievement


12 June 2018
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