Liu Chuanlei, Yin JiXing, Ma LinCong, Han Yuan Fei, Wu Guojun

DOI: 10.26480/ess.01.2018.08.10

Good romantic love is what every college student expects, but do they really know love at this stage? In today’s rapid development of the productive forces, science and technology changes with each passing day, the social material wealth increase, especially in this age of college students, their infection by today’s society on one hand, have affected by the consciousness of scholarly campus academic atmosphere. They yearn for a romantic love that is imagined, on the other hand, from the society, the reality of the family and the development of their love on the other hand. Airy, Fromm’s, 20th century western famous sociologist, philosopher and psychoanalyst, through analyzing the western capitalist society’s love with the human situation are studied, and on the basis of inheritance of Marxist ethics love, with the development of Freud’s theory of love, on the basis of social critical theory of Frankfurt thoughts formed a unique love education idea. He believes that love has nothing to do with the maturity of the individual, but to put aside the feelings of mind and body. If you don’t try to develop your own personality and tend to create a tendency to create, then every attempt to love will fail. If you are not able to love others, if you are not brave enough to love others sincerely, then your life will never be satisfied. Fromm further believes that love is an art that requires those who want to master art, master knowledge and work hard. Here, love is not only about the narrow love of men and women, but also through certain skills. Love is the overall expression of individuality and the ability to develop love. It is necessary to strive to develop and perfect one’s personality and move towards a good goal. We focus on college students’ love view and love development theory, further explore the study of contemporary college students’ love, and enter the world of contemporary college students’ love. focusing on college students’ love view and love development theory, further exploring the study of contemporary college students’ love, thus entering the world of contemporary college students’ love. In this paper, the author points out the true meaning of love: love is a positive concern, giving is a positive love, respect is the core of love, and needs to know love in practice.

college students, Love, Fromm, The fusion.


12 June 2018
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